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Issues associated with SAP2000 installation may be resolved by installing the latest software version through the following process:

  1. Backup the license file.

  2. Uninstall SAP2000 using the Add/Remove Programs feature within the Control Panel.

  3. Delete the installation folder, typically located under:

    • C:\Program File\Computers and Structures\SAP2000 [ v ]

  4. Delete the User Setting folder, located under:

    • C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Local\Computers and Structures (for Windows 7 or Vista)

    • C:\Documents and Settings[User Name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Computers and Structures (for Windows XP)

  5. Download the standalone installation using the link provided by CSI, then install SAP2000.

  6. After installation, the default trial license file (lservrc), located within the installation folder, must be replaced with the license file provided by the CSI Licensing Department such that the software uses the permanent license file.