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To import from Rhino or Grasshopper into SAP2000, models should first be imported into Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), or another intermediate format. Models may then be imported from IFC into SAP2000.

A list of file formats suitable for import into SAP2000 is available within the software interface by selecting File > Import.

Model data may also be selectively imported on a table-by-table basis using interactive database editing, available through Edit > Interactive Database Editing.

Third-party Rhino / Grasshopper plugin

A plugin is available through the Geometry Gym website which enables import from Rhino or Grasshopper into SAP2000. CSI is not affiliated with the plugin developer, we do not endorse or promote its use, and we do not provide support for application of the plugin. A link is available below such that you may evaluate the plugin and apply it if you find it useful.