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Import from CSiBridge


CSiBridge models may be imported to SAP2000 through the following process:

  1. Export the CSiBridge model as a text file by selecting File > Export > Text.
  2. Open the text file in Notepad, then locate the Program Control table by searching for the string Program Control. The Program Control table contains entries for program name and version as follows:

    • ProgramName=CSiBridge
    • Version=15.0.1 (or version in which the model was created)
  3. Replace the entries for program name and version with those for SAP2000, as follows:

    • ProgramName=SAP2000
    • Version=14.2.4 (or version used for import)
  4. Save the modified text file with a new .$2k extension, then import it to SAP2000 by selecting File > Import > SAP2000 .s2k Text File.
  5. Review the Import Analysis Log, which will list any issues which may have occurred during import. SAP2000 may not recognize nor import certain supplementary data within the CSiBridge file. If necessary, please make corrections as appropriate.