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SAP2000 models may be exported to PERFORM-3D through the process which follows:

  1. Run analysis within SAP2000.

  2. Select File > Export > Perform 3D Text File. This operation creates a text file which will then enable interoperability between the platforms.

  3. Within PERFORM-3D, define groups for the various element types to be imported from the text file, as shown in Figure 1:

    Figure 1 - Group definition within PERFORM-3D

  4. Open the model within PERFORM-3D by selecting Task > Import/export structure data, as shown in Figure 2:

    Figure 2 - Open the model within PERFORM-3D

Why are the menu commands grayed-out?

Answer: The element model is exported from SAP2000 to PERFORM-3D. When the element model is unavailable, menu commands are grayed-out. Menu commands may be activated by either running analysis, which creates the element model, or by selecting this option under View > Set Display Options.