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ACI: As recommended in the ACI 435R95 report (section 4.3.3),SAFE uses a default modulus-of-rupture value of 4√f 'c. PSI

For British, Hong Kong, Indian and Singapore Standards: Default modulus of rupture for cracked deflection is limited to 1 MPa or 0.55 MPa in short term and in long term deflection calculations, respectively.

For Australian and New Zealand codes: fr= 0.36√f 'c  MPa

For Canadian code: fr= 0.3√f 'c MPa

For Euro-code:


Through manual overwrite by checking radio button of User Specified, users can comply with any other value based on engineering judgment or project requirements. This is done by selecting Define > Materials... > Modify/Show Material... as shown in Figure 1:


                                                                                                                                                                                                       Figure 1 - Overwrite modulus of rupture