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This page is devoted to frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to import into SAFE.


Models may be imported from ETABS into SAFE by specifying exporting option , story to be exported , load cases and combinations.


On this page:

How are wall systems imported from ETABS into SAFE?

Answer: Adjoining walls automatically import into SAFE, though walls below the floor slab import as wall objects, whereas walls above import as deep beams. This produces the proper behavior.

How do I successfully export floors from ETABS to SAFE?

There are 3 options to Export from ETABS to SAFE:

1) Floor loads: This is a common option and should be used for most gravity floor systems, when there is no transfer of  loads from floors above, or the floors from above has small influence on floor being exported

2) Floor loads and loads from above: This option is recommended when loads from above have an important effect of floor being exported (i.e transfer floor), for foundation design and also this is the recommended option to export gravity and lateral loads. In this case loads in SAFe will be separeted in two load patterns  floor loads and loads from above (i.e. Dead_Above, Dead), these load patterns will be combined in one load case (i.e. DEAD)

3) Floor loads plus columns and wall distortions: This option should be used when exporting temperature loads, in this case walls and columns will be replaced by fixed supports in SAFE, and deformation will be assigned to these nodes


  • Property modifiers assigned to elements in  ETABS will not be exported into SAFE
  • Rigid area zones above columns will be automatically assigned to floors in SAFE, this is not available in ETABS
  • Beams in SAFE will be assigned an internal modifier of 0.1 to torsional stiffness, to avoid torsional load path
  • Columns above are not exported
  • Uniform load stets defined in ETABS are not exported


How is only some information imported into an existing SAFE model?

Extended Question: I have imported an ETABS model into SAFE, but now I have updated loading within the ETABS model, and I would like to import only these loads into the SAFE model without overwriting any other information (object properties, load combinations, etc.). How is this done?

Answer: Two options are available for importing only a specific set of information into an existing SAFE model, including:

  • Option 1.

    1. Import the updated ETABS *.f2k floor as a new SAFE model.
    2. Within the initial SAFE model, through File > Import > F2k, select the *.$sf file of this newly created SAFE model.
    3. Select Import as a New Model or Add to Existing Model, then specify which objects, loads, etc. will be replaced or kept in the event that they occur in the same location.
  • Option 2.

    1. Import the updated ETABS *.f2k floor as a new SAFE model.
    2. Select Edit > Iterative Database Editing to copy the updated tables into the initial SAFE model.

How are Results of Response Spectrum analysis imported into SAFE?

Refer to link below for more information:

Response spectrum analysis results importing into SAFE