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Web-activated licensing is conceptually similar to conventional licensing, with both standalone and network licenses being available.

The main difference and advantage of web-activated licensing over the conventional licensing is that it fully automates the generation of license files. With the web-activated licensing, the user are no longer required to manually run licensing utilities to obtain locking codes, submit license requests and install the license files. Instead, the procedure for the generation and installation of the license files is fully automated.

Web-activated licensing is more flexible and offers some additional features, such as license activation or deactivation fully controlled by the user without the need for input from CSI. Web-activated licensing will gradually replace conventional licensing.

The Web-Activated Licensing method can be used to issue both standalone licenses (whereby CSI software is be licensed to run on a specific computer only) or network licenses where multiple network-connected computers can share licenses served by a single license server located on the same network. For additional details, please refer to the following articles:

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