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Installations run in silent mode are performed without an end-user interface. InstallShield allows users to create silent installations for Basic MSI, InstallScript MSI, and InstallScript project types.

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Basic MSI silent installation

To run a Basic MSI installation silently, type, at the command line, the following:

  • msiexec /i Product.msi /qn

If release settings include Setup.exe, the command run should be the following:

  • Setup.exe /s /v" /qn"

Basic MSI installations do not create or read response files. To set installation properties for a Basic MSI project, run a command line such as:

  • msiexec /i Product.msi /qn INSTALLDIR=D:\ProductFolder USERNAME="Valued Customer"

InstallScript MSI and InstallScript silent installations

For InstallScript MSI and InstallScript projects, a response file should be created to record the end-user interaction. This response file is passed to Setup.exe such that installation can be run. The traditional silent installation works almost exactly the same as a regular installation in that it follows the same script logic.

To run an InstallScript MSI installation without using Setup.exe, the MSI silent mode may be used.


Silent installation of CSiBridge 2014 V16

Step 1: Use the Installation Wizard to download the CSiBridge 2014 V16 installation/setup file.

Step 2: Open Admin Command Prompt and run the setup file with the silent installation switches as follows

CSiBridge20141600Setup.exe /s /v" /qn SHOWACTIVATE=0"

Please note that the SHOWACTIVATE=0 flag is needed to prevent the license activation dialog box from showing up.

Silent uninstallation for SAP2000 and CSiBridge version 18.2.0 and higher

For SAP2000 and CSiBridge version 18.2.0 and higher, silent uninstallation can be performed using the following command:

SAP2000v1820Setup32.exe /x /s /v"/qn SHOWACTIVATE=0"


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