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Written for SAP2000 V15, this page also applies to CSiBridge and subsequent SAP2000 versions. For earlier versions of SAP2000, only the .exe file could be referenced into the client application project.

To use the SAP2000 API, your project must reference the corresponding .exe or .dll files, given as follows:

  • For .NET Framework based client applications (such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2010), you must reference SAP2000v15.dll into your project.
  • For macro-based applications (such as Microsoft Excel), you can reference SAP2000.exe into you project.

For the referenced file to work correctly, the referenced file must be registered with the operating system using the procedures described below:

Register or unregister SAP2000.exe file

To register or unregister the SAP2000 executable file, please use the following commands:

To register: sap2000.exe /regserver
To unregister: sap2000.exe /unregserver

Register or unregister SAP2000v15.dll file

The .dll file automatically registers with software installation. When using a certain minor version of the software, specific .dll files may be registered or unregistered manually with the following commands:

To register: sap2000v15.dll /regserver
To unregister: sap2000v15.dll /unregserver

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