CSI licenses starting with ETABS v17 require Sentinel RMS License Manager v9.2 (SAP2000 v18, CSiBridge 2016, ETABS 2016, SAFE 2016 and later, require Sentinel RMS License Manager v8.6). Older versions of the Sentinel RMS License Manager (v8.5 and earlier) will not recognize these new licenses.

If you currently have License Manager v8.6 (or earlier to v8.0) installed: The CSI Installation Wizard will prompt you to manually uninstall your current License Manager version before it proceeds to install License Manager v9.2. 

Launch CSI Installation Wizard on your server machine.

The CSI installation Wizard will prompt you through the following steps:

    • Manually uninstall your current License Manager
    • Download the installation files for License Manager and Utilities
    • Install the latest License Manager and Utilities
    • Prompted you for your activation key(s) during the installation of the Utilities
    • Activate your licenses on your server.

  • You can now proceed to run the CSI Installation Wizard on your client machines to install the software.

If you have a previous version of the Utilities, they will be updated through the above process. Any activated licenses will be transferred over to your new License Manager and Utilities. There is no need to deactivate your licenses before upgrading your License Manager. Users with product licenses from different vendors, using Sentinel License Manager, are encourage to make a copy of their lservrc file before proceeding with the License Manager upgrade.


Network licenses in use when upgrading the License Manager could become disconnected, causing the client software to terminate. We recommend users close the client software during the upgrade, although this is not required.

If you currently have License Manager v7.x (or earlier) installed: Licenses from LM7 are not supported on License Manager v8.5 and later. Please find another machine to install License Manager v9.2/v8.6/v8.5 as two versions of Sentinel License Manager cannot run on the same machine. 

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