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CSI Sample Plugin 1 is a simple example, created using Visual Basic 2012, which demonstrates the development of SAP2000 plugins. The plugin creates a new model, converts a line of text into frame objects, then adds these objects to the model. For testing purposes, if the text 'crash' is entered, an error message will be generated.

To enable the plugin in SAP2000, necessary steps include:

Plugin FAQ:

How is the plugin compiled?

Answer: The plugin is already compiled as the DLL library which follows:


Once compiled, does the plugin need to be registered with the operating system, and how is this done?

Answer: Please see the Registering plugins article for response.

How is the regsvr32 error, shown below, resolved when registering the plugin?

Figure 1 - regsvr32 error

Answer: The plugin should be registered using regasm, instead of regsvr32, by running the following command:

c:\windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\regasm /codebase /tlb /verbose  SapPlugin1720_FramesFromText.dll

Warning RA0000, shown below, occurs when using regasm to register the plugin. How is this resolved?

Figure 2 - RA0000 warning

Answer: The RA0000 warning may be ignored since the plugin will still function properly.