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Graphics within CSI Software may be captured and printed through one of several methods. Methods available to SAP2000 include:

  1. Select File > Capture Picture to capture a portion of the display window to be saved as a raster .BMP file, which may then be inserted into MS Word, OpenOffice Writer, or another word-processing software.
  2. Select File > Capture Enhanced Metafile to capture the content of an active window as a vector .EMF file, which is typically much smaller in size and of better image quality, especially at higher resolution. The .EMF file may then be inserted into a word-processing software.
  3. Select File > Print Graphics to print the content of an active window using a default printer. We recommend first printing graphics to a virtual PDF printer, such as CutePDF, to preview output before printing a paper copy. This PDF file may also be used as an electronic record.