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How does the network installation work?

Extended question: When many (up to 10) users launch and run the SAP2000 network installation, is the process being run on the server? If so, would computation take 10 times longer when compared to one user running the network installation? Also, would there be some overhead with file transfer over the network when compared to local installation?

Answer: In a network installation, SAP2000 software and support EXE/DLL files are stored on remote disk, which greatly simplifies administration of program upgrades. During execution, these files are copied into RAM on the local machine, then run on the local CPU. The 10 users would be executing on 10 different machines.

There may be a slight delay when starting the software, since the EXE/DLL files get copied over the network. In some cases there may be similar loading of files, which occurs at other times during execution. However, this time is very small compared to the time necessary to copy data files across the network. For this reason, we recommend model files to be located on the local machine of a user, rather than on a network drive. This is the case regardless of whether the software is installed as standalone or network.