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This page is devoted to frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to joints.

How can I obtain joint rotations at either end of a released frame member?

Answer: When multiple frame members, with or without end releases, connect to a common joint, a single displacement set is reported which corresponds to the rigid behavior of the unreleased frame members. Released joint displacements, represented graphically by green dots, are not directly reported, but may still be obtained by disconnecting released joints from the coincident joint, and then using links or constraints to model the desired release type. This creates a special joint, in the same location, which correlates with the behavior of the released frame member. Displacement for this joint is then reported separately. F1 opens Context Help, which provides additional information on the Connect and Disconnect topics.

How are nodes, frame objects, and area objects renumbered after the model is created?

Answer: Select the joints and objects to be renumbered, then select Edit > Change Labels.