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Error # 20 indicates that a request to update the license has failed.

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Troubleshooting and resolution

This error is resolved using either of the following methods:

  • Use WlmAdmin.exe to create and edit reservation files. By doing so, when the license server receives a request, it checks whether or not the user making the request belongs to a group. If this is the case, and license tokens are available for that group and user, the license server will issue the token accordingly. Users for whom tokens have been reserved will have priority over the tokens available.

Rationale for Error # 20

  • The application attempts to contact the server approximately every 3-5 minutes to update the license. This does not happen, however, if the solver is in use. If the license is no longer assigned to that application, update will fail, and the software will again request the license. If this request fails, Error # 20 will result. This allows the license server to reclaim the license and grant it to another user when there is a problem with either the software or the computer.

What causes Error # 20

Error # 20 typically occurs on account of either of the following reasons:

  • Additional licenses are not available and another user claims the license during the time between when the license is released and when it is requested again. You may check WlmAdmin.exe to find which user has claimed the license.
  • The hardware key, or the port to which it is attached, may have become corrupted. In this case, send us the locking code of the computer with the license server and we will send you a temporary license in exchange. Echoid.exe can be run on the license server to retrieve the computer locking code. If the temporary license resolves the error, you may send us the key to be replaced.

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