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This page is devoted to frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to program usage.


On this page:

Why are rectangular sections shown in extruded views instead of the actual section?

Answer: Rectangles are used to display the extruded shape of nonprismatic sections. This is the case whether section shapes are different at the top and bottom of the member, or if there are two different Section Designer sections.

Why is extraneous imagery displayed within the model?

Answer: Extraneous imagery, such as with extra dots or lines, may appear with certain hardware when in DirectX graphics mode. To resolve, switch to Classical Plus mode.

Why does the Refresh View option not refresh the ETABS model image?

Answer: Please see the ETABS Display FAQ for response concerning ETABS application.

Text in the GUI dialogue box is clipped. How do I fix this?

Answer: This is a rare problem which is associated with certain graphics cards. To fix this issue, change the Windows font setting to 125% or 150%.

How do I adjust the label font size?

Answer: Label font size may be increased through Options > Dimensions/Tolerance.