Parametric variations can be used to vary certain dimensions of the bridge deck section along the length of the bridge.

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Several examples for the application of parametric variations are listed below:

  • The bridge modeler allows parametric variation of non-uniform girder spacing for certain decks, including advanced box girder, precast I girder, precast U girder, and steel girder. Girder spacing is adjusted to fit within the dimension of total width minus overhang distance, regardless of parametric variations specified.
  • The bridge modeler allows parametric variation of deck-section reference point in the local X and Y directions. This provides improved control over superstructure eccentricity relative to layout lines at regions of widening.

Applying parametric variations to bridges with skewed supports

The PDF file shown below shows how the program applies parametric variations to superstructures supported by skewed bents or abutments:

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