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Bridge objects which have a large number of post-tensioned tendons may be modeled more efficiently by either using interactive database editing or by importing a spreadsheet which lists tendon data. Manual entry of tendon data may be unnecessarily time consuming.

Importing a spreadsheet is also helpful when a tendon profile has different parameters than the parameters used by CSiBridge. In this case, users should first convert the tendon definition from the customized format to the format consistent with CSiBridge. Converted data may then be imported.


Bridge tendon data is located in the tables selected in Figure 1:


Figure 1 -  Bridge tendon data table

Importing tendon data

The tables selected in Figure 1 may be exported to Excel using the Orb > Export > Excel option. Tendon data may then be modified in Excel, and imported back to CSiBridge using the Orb > Import > Excel option.

Entering tendon data through interactive database editing

Alternatively, users may edit tendons directly by using the interactive database editing feature, available through Advanced > Edit > More > Interactive Database Editing.