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This page contains some useful guidelines that you should follow when requesting technical support.

Following these guidelines will generally result in faster response times.

  1. Provide as much information about your model as possible.

    1. Always attach your model when you have a model-specific question.

    2. Include your time-history data with the model, if applicable. The best approach is to convert the time-history function to a user-defined function so that the data can be saved directly within the SAP2000 model.

    3. When you are questioning results calculated by CSI software, be very specific to identify the results with which you do not agree. For example, instead of saying "the program calculates wrong deflections", say: "for load case 'DL', the UZ deflection of joint '7' is 3 inches, but my hand calculation indicates that the deflection should be only 2.8 inches". Also, provide easy-to-follow calculations and sketches to justify your expectations.

  2. When you are submitting multiple support requests, please submit one request for each item, and do not bundle several unrelated issues into one support request.

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