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The CSI Customer Portal is an interface and service available to users who license CSI Software. The account and password automatically generated upon license purchase provide users access to CSI Customer Portal resources.




Customer Portal enables:


1). Management of CSI Software through links allowing:

  • Download of newly-purchased products or latest software versions available under licensing
  • Please note that dealer customers should contact their dealer for downloads and support
  • Download of CSI Software Trial Versions, valid for 30 days

2). Communication with Technical Support such that users may:

  • Submit a Support Incident, which is an inquiry regarding:
  • CSI Software use or modeling and analysis techniques specific to a unique project
  • Discovery of a possible software bug
  • Catalogue and review Support Incident history and dialogue with Technical Support
  • Converse with Technical Support through Web Conversation
  • Maintain and update contact information

Depending on the IT policy of your company, access to certain features may be limited.


Please note that an active Maintenance Agreement is strongly encouraged. A Maintenance Agreement guarantees technical support service through immediate attention to Support Incidents, focused response within one business day, and phone privileges allowing direct conversation with Technical Support. A Maintenance Agreement ensures that your project will continue on schedule when technical concerns arise.



Enter the CSI Customer Portal through the

Login Screen

(Figure 1). CSI Software users may login using their email address and password. Please avoid leading and trailing spaces when entering information.


Figure 1 - Login Screen


Passwords are case sensitive, must be eight characters or more in length, and must contain at least one non-alpha character. The password assigned upon account initiation may be changed during the first login process.


To change your password any other time, complete the login process, click the Customer Info tab at the top of the screen, choose your name from the Contacts section, click the Change Password button at the bottom of the screen, then complete the necessary fields.


To retrieve your lost or forgotten password, select the "I forgot my password" box. If this option is not shown, as is occasionally the case when using Internet Explorer 8, enter your email address, leave the password prompt blank, and then click Submit. Click the following prompt and again click Submit to receive a temporary password which may then be changed using the process previously described.


Users who receive the "Invalid Login/Password" prompt should register their email address using the CSI Customer Portal

Login Request Form

. Additionally, the Administrator of any account may add contacts not currently registered to use the CSI Customer Portal.

Home Page


Once logged in, users are redirected to the Home Page (Figure 2), which features the following sections:


  • Download Links
  • Submit New Incidents
  • Current Open Incidents
  • Navigation Bar


Figure 2 - Home Page


Please note that CSI Dealer Customers will not see the Download Links and Submit New Incidents sections.

Download Links


For each CSI Software, the Download Links section on the left side of the Home Page presents a link which will open a new window specific to that platform. Each of these pages allows users to download the latest versions and patches, along with the License Manager utility to serve installation over a network. Installation instructions and the

License Request Form

are also available through the links at the bottom of the page.


The Download Links section will also present any current announcements concerning CSI Software and its use.

Submit New Incidents


Before contacting Technical Support, please note that the

CSI Knowledge Base


Watch & Learn

video series, and

Technical Papers

are available and under constant development to assist with technical concerns. These resources may expedite troubleshooting.


If these resources do not provide solution, users are welcome to contact Technical Support directly by submitting a Support Incident through either the Submit New Incidents section of the Home Page or the Submit New tab of the Navigation Bar. These links will direct the user to the New Support Incident page (Figure 3) which may be completed to index and describe the technical concern. Select a Related Asset from the scroll-down menu and attach files relevant to the Support Incident such that Technical Support may open and view these files while providing assistance. Please zip before attaching large or multiple files. If a file exceeds the 10 MB limit, please contact Technical Support directly to receive a FTP link for upload.


Figure 3 - New Support Incident


Once a Support Incident is submitted through the CSI Customer Portal, Technical Support will review the issue and offer assistance. Customers with an active Maintenance Agreement will receive a response within one business day and are entitled to phone privileges during working hours which enable direct conversation with Technical Support.

Customers without an active Maintenance Agreement may seek self-support via the various online support resources at the CSI website, such as Watch & Learn Videos and the CSI Knowledge Base.


Current Open Incidents


The Current Open Incidents section of the Home Page presents a summary of the Support Incidents currently under review by Technical Support. A series of columns present the information associated with each Support Incident. Click on any item to go to the Incident Info page (Figure 4) and view additional details, update Support Incident review status, or view Incident Events (emails, phone calls, meetings, etc.). This page also features a Web Conversation portal for online discussion with Technical Support, along with records of previous dialogue.


Figure 4 - Incident Info


In the Notes/Events section, click on the Event link to view Event Details (Figure 5) and notes from Technical Support.


Figure 5 - Event Details


In the Navigation Bar at the top of the screen, the Incident List tab takes the user to the Support Incidents page (Figure 6) which lists the Support Incidents in a sortable table.


Figure 6 - Support Incidents


Click the Search button for advanced search and filtering features (Figure 7). Submit initiates search by content, Cancel clears the search results, and the Incident Info page (described previously) appears when users click an item in the table.


Figure 7 - Search Filter

Customer Info Tab


The Navigation Bar also features a Customer Info tab which presents a page (Figure 8) allowing users to update contact information and edit time and date settings specific to their location.


Figure 8 - Customer Info


The primary account information listed in the Customer section cannot be updated through the CSI Customer Portal. Please contact CSI directly to edit details regarding company information.


Click in the Customer Name prompt to open the Contact Info page. Here, users may manage account details, contact information, and login settings (email address and password). The Administrator may edit information for all company contacts and add new users by clicking on New Contact, but they may not change individual user login settings. Click Submit to save any changes.

Report Tab


Report opens a page (Figure 9) with two scroll-down menus and a navigation bar. The scroll-down menus provide options for Support Incident status and presentation. The navigation bar icons and capabilities are described as follows:


  • Binoculars - provides search criteria
  • Hammer - allows customization of report column display
  • Paper with Arrows - refreshes report display
  • Printer - prints current report
  • Paper with Magnifying Glass - previews report


Figure 9 - Report