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File format

ETABS V9 exports .S2K files to SAP2000 in V7 format. Therefore, File > Import > SAP2000 V6 or V7 .S2K File should be selected in SAP2000 when importing an ETABS model. SAP2000 will not recognize the format when File > Import > SAP2000 .S2K Text File is selected. Once translation is complete, the file should be saved in SAP2000 V8 format such that it may be opened using current SAP2000 versions through the Open file command.


Please note that SAP2000 V7 labels (for frame sections, load cases, etc.) were limited to seven characters in length. Therefore, when importing an ETABS model into SAP2000, labels should not exceed seven characters as to avoid import issues.

RBS assignments

SAP2000 does not support the modeling of special moment beams with RBS assignments. Therefore, these elements should be removed from an ETABS model before it is exported to SAP2000, otherwise Error # 0 will result. Other means should be taken to model special moment beams with RBS assignments in SAP2000.

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